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Tricerat Deal Registration

Deal registration

As a reseller you can register a deal to let us know about the opportunity so we can help you with the sales process at an early stage.

Why Register?

  • Make sure that we know who is working on a opportunity, it helps us help you.
  • Registered deals gives you a higher discount and can help us protect you.

 The following terms apply:

  • New sales only (not renewals).
  • The deal registration is valid for 90 days from registration. (yes it can be extended)
  • You need to register and get it approved before placing the order.
  • All deal registrations needs to be approved by ARJ Distribution AB to be valid (per e-mail) and unknown to us before registration. Please allow 48 hours for this Monday-Friday.

Why Register?

  • We believe that you want to protect your prospects from other resellers, registering a deal is the first step as we will not give a lead to other reseller then.
  • As a Value Added Distributor we know our products and can help you in your sales process, please use us to be more successful in your sales process.
    We can demo the products and also help with pre and post sales support over e-mail and phone without additional cost.
  • Protection: If a customer that you registered decides to purchase a product from a other reseller you will receive a 5% finders fee refund.
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Message to ARJ Distribution AB
Jag samtycker till att ARJ Distribution får behandla de uppgifter jag har lämnat i detta formulär enligt gällande datalag. Din integritet är viktig för oss. Du har samtyckt till att vi behandlar dina personuppgifter för ändamål som personlig kundvård, för att skicka produktinformation, konsumenterbjudanden eller marknadsundersökningar. För detta syfte kan dina personuppgifter komma att sparas, hanteras och skickas till leverantören/leverantörerna. Vi försäkrar att alla uppgifter sparas och hanteras i enlighet med gällande datalag för personuppgifter. Vi vill att dina uppgifter ska vara korrekta så om någon uppgift ska korrigeras eller behöver ändras vill vi att du kontaktar oss. Detsamma gäller om du vill återkalla ditt samtycke till behandling av dina personuppgifter-skriv till ARJ Distribution AB, gdpr@arjdistribution.se *

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