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triCerat's Simplify Suite Includes:

Simplify Printing
Simplify Profiles
Simplify Lockdown
Simplify Desktop
Simplify Stability

v5.6.01 (build 1835) (11/12/2012)

Upgrade Instructions

From Simplify Suite v5.5.2 and earlier

  1. When you upgrade one server in your farm, the central Simplify Database will also be updated. Therefore you should upgrade all of your servers that use the same database at the same time.

From Simplify Suite v4.x

  1. Before performing an upgrade from Simplify Suite v4, make sure you have a back up of your Simplify Database.
  2. If you haven't done so already, you will need to request a new serial # on our license upgrades page. Simplify Suite v4 Serial #'s will not work with Simplify Suite v5.

New Installation Instructions

For more detailed instructions, please see the Simplify Suite Help PDF, or the Database Setup Help PDF

  1. It is highly recommended that your first install of the Simplify Suite be in a non-production environment, using a non-production SQL database server.
  2. If you do not currently have a database setup, you can download Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition for your test environment here: http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/en/us/editions/express.aspx
  3. If you do not have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed, please do so now through the Windows Server Manager console, or by downloading from Microsoft's site: http://www.microsoft.com/net


Once you have installed the product your free 30-day trial will commence. At any time during or after the trial you may enter a product serial number and activation code to remove the trial dialog and begin full use of the software in a production environment.


All triCerat product licenses are sold per server and are also available as concurrent licenses. For more information about licensing, ask your triCerat representative.

After you have purchased, you will receive a serial number via email. Activate your serial number on our New Software Activation Page

Technical Support

triCerat offers FREE technical support on all products during the 30-day evaluation period.

Contact Us:

  • email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • US/Canada Toll Free: (800) 582-5167
  • EMEA: +44 (0)1582 638800
  • Int'l: 1 (410) 715-4226

Change History

The below list is a brief snapshot of the fixes and feature additions provided in this release. Please contact triCerat Support for information regarding your specific issue or support case, and they will be able to help you determine if the issue has been resolved in this release. (11/12/2012)

  • Added – App-V integration (06/25/2012)

  1. Fixed - Missing line output on some printed documents
  2. Fixed - Black box printed output on some PDF documents
  3. Fixed - Buffer overrun in printer driver code
  4. Fixed - Assignments to AD security group not passed to member machines
  5. Fixed - Translation issues in German, French, Spanish, Japanese versions
  6. Fixed - Xerox 2PD stapling and hole punching
  7. Fixed - Licensing error on auto-login devices
  8. Added - Support for Simplify Printing execution from system context (for Epic print server support,etc)
  9. Added - Command line option to SDUAP to add printer assignments
  10. Added - Command line option to SDUAP to force printer remapping
  11. Added - Support for locale override for ADMX templates
  12. Added - Ability to detect new client hostname and remap printers on change (02/08/2012)

  1. Added - Simplify Profiles Offline Mode
  2. Added - Simplify Profiles ADMX Template Support
  3. Added - Simplify Printing Advanced Print Features Support - Xerox UPD
  4. Added - Simplify Printing Advanced Print Features Support - Ricoh/Lanier UPD
  5. Added - Simplify Printing Advanced Print Features Support - Lexmark UPD
  6. Added - Simplify Printing Advanced Print Features Support - Canon UPD
  7. Added - Simplify Printing Advanced Print Features Support - HP UPD
  8. Fixed - Members of Local Users and Groups not receiving their configuration assignments
  9. Fixed - Default Printer recapture only working when an SD Client is present
  10. Fixed - Miscellaneous bugfixes and improvemments (12/14/2011)

  1. Fixed – Miscellaneous PDF Printing issues
  2. Fixed – Font embedding issue from Microsoft Excel
  3. Fixed – ScrewDrivers removing local print queues from server
  4. Fixed – Windows 2000 functionality
  5. Fixed – Image printing upside down
  6. Fixed – Localization bugs for German, French, Spanish languages
  7. Added – Print Server user impersonation
  8. Fixed – Simplify License server error
  9. Fixed – Case where trial dialog displays even after licensed
  10. Fixed – Local Users and Groups not getting assignments
  11. Fixed – Crash of Stability service
  12. Fixed – Database connection clean-up
  13. Added – View peak license count in Simplify License Server console
  14. Added – Ability to copy profile data as the user account instead of system
  • Added – Extended print features for Ricoh PCL drivers
  • Added – Option to set the default paper size according to the system locale for printing PDF
  • Added – Profiles processing capability on session disconnect and reconnect
  • Added – Support for Windows Server 2012 terminal servers or print servers
  • Added – triShell removes folders if nothing is contained within
  • Added – Auto refresh option for triShell
  • Fixed – Print jobs dropping images from Crystal Report prints
  • Fixed – PDF printer generating with incorrect port name
  • Fixed – Print server printer assignments to local users fail to generate
  • Fixed – Assignments to domain local groups not displaying in Simplify Console
  • Fixed – Profiles assignments to custom owners failing in NT6
  • Fixed – Drive mapping error in NT6
  • Fixed – Memory leaks during registry restore operations
  • Fixed – Case-sensitive comparison for computer names in custom owners
  • Fixed – Error searching for owners in search dialog
  • Fixed – Offline mode collisions with multiple clients
  • Fixed – Environment variables not expanding correctly from the registry
  • Fixed – Various ADMX user interface issues
  • Fixed – Some Office applications do not display task bar buttons per document
  • Updated – Enhanced backwards compatibility with older print server agents
  • Updated – German translations
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