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Whether you need to RECOVER specific Messages, Attachments, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, or Calendar items, or RESTORE, organizational Public Folders, Mailboxes, or Mailbox Folders, Lucid8's DigiScope makes Exchange data recovery a snap!

      • Allow Duplicates (Great for Dial Tone Recovery).
      • Restore Missing, include copies (Forensics).
      • Restore Missing, excluding copies (Best for User Restores - No Duplicates).
      • Include, Exclude, or ONLY Restore Hard and Soft Deleted Dumpster Items.
      • Repair Image, include copies.
      • Include, Exclude Permissions.

  • Undelete -¬†Restore Hard and Soft Deleted ¬†Items from:
    • Offline Unmounted Exchange Databases (EDB).
    • Live Production Exchange Servers.
  • Restore Wizard - Enables organizations to restore:
    • Multiple Mailboxes into a live Exchange Server.
    • Mailboxes, items, or folders from users no longer in Active Directory (AD).
    • Selected Public Folders, Items, Mailbox Folders, or Mailboxes to alternate Exchange Servers.
    • Mailbox data from a search or specific Public Folders, Mailbox Folders, Messages, Contacts, Appointments, and other Items to an alternate Mailbox or Folder.

  • Dial-Tone Recovery - Rapid Disaster Recovery:
    • Create a blank "Dial Tone Recovery Database" so that your end-users can immediately begin sending and receiving emails.
    • Open one or more historic Mailbox or Public Folder Exchange Databases (EDBs) with DigiScope and utilize the Restore Wizard to recover differential (missing) information.
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