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Certified Replica for Recovery. Automates failover and recovery verification with PHD Virtual Backup and Replication, providing cost-effective, storage agnostic replication that can scale to large environments, save bandwidth with WAN-friendly data transfer, secure with government grade encryption, and conduct granular backup and recovery.


Automated, Continuous, Service-Oriented DR Testing.Removes the cost and complexity associated with outdated, infrequent and manual DR test procedures. Directly certifies that your DR strategy is sound by frequently testing it against defined objectives.


Application-Aware Testing. Measures accurate Recovery Time Actuals of the entire service you are protecting without time-consuming manual procedures or error prone scripting. Leverages out-of-the box testing capabilities for each component of your multi-tiered applications to ensure they all function together as a cohesive service at your DR site.


Certified Recovery Points. Protects against configuration drift and accidental changes that can replicate to the DR site by automatically storing multiple recovery points that are certified through detailed, automated testing procedures.


Pay-Per-Use Reporting for Cloud Service Providers. Each month ReliableDR will automatically send a report to PHD Virtual containing that Service Provider’s usage information. This saves the provider time and helps them operate more efficiently by eliminating manual reporting processes.


Test, Failover, and Failback. Automates failover and failback processes when an outage occurs in order to maintain availability of your critical services. Uses production network mapping to drastically speed the process of true application failover.


Flexible Replication Options. Maximizes your IT investments, simplifies configuration, and decreases application RPOs through ReliableDR’s easy to use integration with all major storage vendors. If needed, you can also leverage the zero-footprint host-based replication capabilities built into ReliableDR for a complete DR solution in one product.


Automated Network Mapping. Very often production and DR virtual networks are not exactly the same. There are two main components to properly managing DR failover, failback and testing between environments that have different networks. The first is ensuring that the applications are properly mapped into the correct networks at the DR site for full functionality and communication, and the second is reconfiguring guest IP addresses at the DR site.


vCloud Director integration. ReliableDR integration with vCloud allows a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to failover a tenant into the cloud, and immediately starts to apply a series of operational policies according to contractual SLAs. It closely aligns with the VMware vCloud strategy and allows CSPs to offer a seamless transition to their cloud for customers that experience major incidents in their production environments.


Always on VMs (continuous dependencies). It is common for several applications to share common components, such as DNS servers, domain controllers and other middleware. This feature allows applications to be DR tested separately yet reuse the same base services. It supplies more resilience by helping DR planners ensure that related applications are check-pointed and recoverable from a consistent set of common components.


User Auditing. ReliableDR extends DR compliance monitoring to the activity of ReliableDR’s administrators, so that their activities can be audited, a key benefit in highly regulated industries with stringent requirements for audit and reporting.


Web-Oriented Architecture. ReliableDR is a web application that can be driven and queried from other applications. This a key advantage for large environments with multiple tenants and well-structured governance and service delivery processes. For example, Cloud Service Providers that have developed an end user portal and want to provide all catalogued services through it, can invoke ReliableDR without needing manually access to the UI. This paves the way for CSPs to provide Recovery as a Service and automate the backend process.



Advanced Reporting that Includes Compliance. ReliableDR provides the unmatched ability to measure Recovery Time Actuals and the aging of application snapshots. The enhanced reporting allows auditors, risk officers and other non-IT staff to obtain compliance data on demand and without disrupting data center operations. This also enables users to prove and demonstrate to compliance auditors the definitive actual performance of their DR implementation against objectives.

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