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PHD Virtual Support

This page will provide help for products from PHD Virtual Technologies and is based on ARJs experience working with their products.
If you have a problem send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can also visit  http://www.phdvirtual.com/ and select the support section.

Software Download

In order to download software you will need to register an account.
You can register to download from
Our Download Section or from PHDs website.

15-Days Trial for PHD Virtual Backup

The software you download is fully functional for 15-days from the day of installation.
If you decide to buy the software you can easily add the production license file to your environment without the need to reinstall anything.

Licensing Explained

The licensing rules for PHD Virtual Backup and Replication differs slightly depending on if you are using the VMware version or the Xenserver Version of the product.
You will need to license every host you would like to backup a VM from or replicate a VM to. 


As of 2013-04-01 PHD has moved the licensing for VMware from host based over to socket based licensing due to the fact that it follows VMwares policy for the hypervisor.
There is 2 different license types available. Proffessional and Enterprise where the only difference is the max concurrent number of data streams available. Proffessional can use up to 4 and Enterprise up to 8 data streams. If you are buing a VMware solution we also need to know how many sockets per host and in total you would like to protect. The licenses are sold in steps of 2 at the time.
The new per socket licensing will only inflict on renewal for licenses sold after 2013-04-01.


Type of License is always Enterprise with up to 8 concurrent datastreams.

Both environemnts:
You will need a license file per pool that reflects the maximum number of hosts you would like to deploy in that pool. This is also true for the Socket based approach and the licensing file is using only the number of hosts. Because of this it is important that when you purchase the product inform us if this is for a new or existing pool the license will be used. If you have 4 licensed hosts and purchase 2 more for the same pool we will generate a new 6 host license file for you.

Common Questions and Answers

What is the advantage of using the backup type Virtual Full:
The Virtual Full backup is faster to restore due to the fact that all backups are synthetic full backups. It also this provides de-duplication which in a normal environment can achieve 25:1 or more in saved space.

 Why use the backup type Full-Incremental:
This backup is intended to use with slower storages or if you have the space available and would like to move the PHD backup data out to tape in a later step. This type do not use deduplication and because of that you can use storage that not support hard links. This type can also be used with hardware deduplication storage solutions.

Can I use PHD virtual Backup on VMware ESXi (Free)
No, you cannot do that due to the fact that VMware are shutting down the vStorage API after the 60 days VMware demo license has expired.

Is it possible to use a BDS larger than 2Gb?

Yes, Since version 6.0 there is a possibility to add several local attached disk and add them together for creating a LVM volume larger that 2Tb. (Please check the user manual for full instructions of how to do this.)

Can I add more memory to the VBA for increase performance?

Yes, Memory can be increased for PHD Virtual Backup Appliances running on any version of XenServer or Vmware , but 1-2 GB of memory has proven to be the most efficient. 

Can I add another vCPU to the VBA for increase of performance?
This depends a bit on what hypervisor you are running and what version of hypervisor. XenServer 5.6 has a limitation that does not allow multiple vCPUs on Debian-based operating system virtual machines - this includes the PHD VBA. However, XenServer 6.0 does support multiple vCPUs and PHD Virtual has received feedback from users indicating XenServer 6.0 with PHDVB 5.3 and later has shown great performance improvements as a result. In Vmware it is possible to add additional vCPU to the VBA  


Is more CPU and more Memory always the best way to increase performance?
Generally Yes but there is a risk that you choke your BDS if you try to put too much load on it and in that case the performance will go down instead of up. The best way is to test with different settings on the VBA and measure the time for the FIRST FULL backup of a few VMs. (Remember do delete the backup between the testruns and do not use CBT so the tests are run equally.)

Can PHD do FLR( File Level Restore) on Micrososoft Spanned disk system?
Yes we can. The trick for getting it to work is to use iSCSI mount instead of CIFS and then in the machine you are doing this from enable iSCSI initiator and use the Disk management tool to reinitialize the disk. Then the spanned disk will be mounted and you can do FLR from it.


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