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Installation notes:

Will upgrade over any previous release



- A number of changes to increase performance and robustness for CCD. Internal ID# 1685, #1965, #1973, #1845, #1828, 1958

- A number of changes were made to improve security. Internal ID# 1821, #1811, #1822, #1805, #1804, #1808, #1812

- Incorrect Log Entry WindowsSearchModule did not start. Internal ID# 1920

- Teams configuration added to ADMX. Internal ID# 1878

- Added Retry on Disk Open when creating a new VHD. Internal ID# 1919

- Changes made to preserve HKLM\Software\FSLogix\Logging key during uninstall / install. Internal ID# 1871

- Change made to delete a new VHD if it is not successfully created through format. Internal ID# 1918

- Added functionality to replace windows shell with Frxshell (which only allows the user to log off) if there is an error attaching the VHD. This prevents a user from reverting to a local profile resulting in potential loss of data. Internal ID# 1949, #1378

- Correct issue with Blue Screen when .Frx file is removed from Rules directory. Internal ID #1801

- Resolved an issue where a user logoff would never occur when using Cloud Cache, and losing a connection to a file store. Internal ID# 1855

- Improved behavior when an attempt is made to mount a VHD and the volume is offline. Internal ID #1840

- GPO added to add WriteCacheDirectory. Internal ID# 1957

- Corrected an issue where IPs, reported through ICA, were incorrect. Internal ID# 1429

- Corrected an issue where Retry Count could be ignored. Internal ID# 1879

- Resolved an issue where users would be incorrectly blocked when PreventLoginWithFailure is set. Internal ID# 1984

- ADMX entry added for IncludeOutlookPersonalization. Internal ID# 1884

- A "Profile Logoff" event was added to the event log. Internal ID# 2014

- An issue was resolved which could cause Single User Search to not work. This issue was introduced in the 2.9.5 release. Internal ID# 2013

- ADMX Template updated to resolve an issue with Volume re-attach retry count. Internal ID# 1400

- ReportingURL registry key was removed from the default installation. Internal ID# 1896

- Resolved issue where, under rare circumstances and extreme (unlikely) load, logon could become unresponsive. This has not been reported in actual production use. Internal ID# 1693

- Added UseShortNameCacheFallback to frxdrvvt. Opt Out value turn ff changes made for #1693 above.

- Corrected an issue where Last write access time is updated incorrectly when OneDrive 'hydrates' a file. Internal ID# 1995

- Resolved an issue where CCD may not complete logon if Profile Type is set to 3. Internal ID# 2029

- Default for LockedRetryCount changed to 12 for both Profile Container and ODFC. Internal ID# 1983

- Optional functionality added to automatically remove previous OST files from VHD if a new OST files is created. Internal ID# 1758

- Resolved an issue where a VHD over 4GB may become corrupt when using CCD. Internal ID# 1960

- Product functionality changed so that default behavior is now the same as DisableRegistryLocalRedirect = 1 previously. Internal ID# 1976

- 2017 C++ redistribuatable components are now distributed and required



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