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Mobile Printing with Simplify Printing TX

Tricerat has released their latest universal printing solution Simplify Printing TX. This is a totally re-engineered printing solution based on the long experience with the ScrewDrivers and Simplify Printing products.

So what is Simplify Printing TX all about, and when would you consider the solution before ScrewDrivers or Simplify Printing?

Keep in mind that ScrewDrivers and Simplify Printing was developed to solve printing in multi-user remote desktop solutions such as Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp environments. ScrewDrivers was first introduced in 1999 and Simplify Printing came out in 2004 as part of Simplify Suite. Both products eliminate the need for printer drivers on your Terminal Server/XenApp server. The difference between the two is that ScrewDrivers only brings in your locally installed printers and your print data will pass through the RDP/ICA virtual channel down to your local client and then out to the printer. Simplify Printing does support all features of ScrewDrivers, but adds support for bringing in your print server print queues using the universal drivers so that you can print from your session to the print server and then to the printer. 


Overview of ScrewDrivers and Simplify Printing functionality.

Simplify Printing TX is built to continue to solve printing problems within Terminal Server and Citrix but also meet new user requirements such as printing from mobile devices and support for BYOD initiatives.

You can also use Simplify Printing TX side by side with ScrewDrivers or Simplify Printing.


In order to do this Tricerat has developed the Simplify Printing TX App that gives your users a social network for printers.

 Architecture overview


Simplify Printing Architecture Components

TX Server

The TX server is the central point of the TX network, hosting the configuration database, authenticating users as well as routing print jobs and controlling agents and their printers. 

This server also hosts the admin GUI which is web based and runs on IIS.

From the Admin GUI you can assign printers to users, groups etc. This is done by creating a policy and applying it to a subset of "owners".


TX Print Server

The TX Print Server is installed on your existing windows print servers. It will read out printer queue and their configurations and populate them into the TX Servers database. It will act as a TX agent and receive and send print jobs to printers and other nodes within the TX network.

TX Print Server also provides Virtual AirPrint to mobile devices, if user is allowed to use the printer. TX Print Server and TX Server can be hosted at the same server.

TX App for Windows and MAC OS X

You would install Simplify Printing TX Agent on your PC, MAC or Terminal Server/Citrix Server.

From a user stand point, the app is used to manage the printers that you need in your day to day life. If you have ever used a social network this will feel familiar. The user can easily search and Subscribe/Unsubscribe to a printer as well as become friend with other users in order to get access to their printers.

Image shows Simplify Printing TX App on OS X

From the technical stand point the TX App includes the ability to:

  • Read printer data on local computer and share them with the TX network as well as bring printers into ICA/RDP sessions.
  • Use driver free printing to other printers in your TX network. This will be using the ScrewDrivers printer driver on a windows based device and use AirPrint on MAC OS X.

The image shows a TX App mapped windows printer mapped with AirPrint to a MAC OS X computer.

  • Acts as an agent and sends and receives print jobs to printers and other nodes within the TX network.
  • Allow the user to manage their printers by themselves.
  • Publish printers to be shared within the TX network


TX App for iPhone/iPad

You can download the TX App from the Apple App Store (search for Tricerat). This app will allow printing to your TX network printers and also manage your printers. Once the user logs in to the app, they will manage the same printers as you would have on your PC/MAC.

The TX App login        

1. Simplify Printing TX App Login on iPhone. 2. Activity tab in iPhone

As iOS use AirPrint to print,  the TX Print Server and the TX App for Windows and OS X will publish the printers using Virtual AirPrint to devices on the same network. This is seamless to the user and will look like any other AirPrint printer, but you do not need to enable AirPrint on the printer which means that any printer is supported. It also adds security to your AirPrint printing as you will need to authenticate the App before you can use it.


1. Print out from notes on iPhone. 2. Printer availability list. 3. Document printing from iPhone

TX App for Android

The TX App for Android is in a closed Beta release at the moment (Android client is released as of July 25th 2014) . Due to the newly added printing support in Android it requires Android version 4.4 or newer. You find the configuration of the app in your settings menu under printing. Once installed you can enable Simplify Printing TX and configure the settings. Once enabled you can use print to the printers that are published to you. 


As you can see all your printers follow you between each device and session.



Simplify Printing TX is licensed per named user.


More information about Simplify Printing TX

Please reach out to us here at ARJ Distribution AB if you would like a demo, need a quotation or need any additional information.

You can reach us at the number below or use this form to get in contact.

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