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Mobile Enablement & Collaboration

Mobile Content Management, BYOD & More


Stop Data Loss, Leakage & Theft

How do you appease a workforce that demands bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and anywhere access to enterprise files while also maintaining control over your critical company data? 

Accessing corporate files through various types of apps and devices creates an environment where data is easily leaked, lost or stolen.


Strong Data Access Rights Management

Vaultize provides a mobile content management (MCM) platform facilitated through data access rights. This allows corporate IT to prevent data loss by controlling what users can do with files on their mobile devices. 

Vaultize allows granular control over every file that passes through it, including whether files can be copied/pasted, shared, printed, emailed, opened in a third-party mobile app and more. This is possible through policy-driven control over the Vaultize mobile app and its built-in document editor.


Enable Secure BYOD Policies

Patent-pending data containerization technology ensures that data is stored in a secure container on mobile devices to enable secure BYOD. The container is always kept encrypted to protect it from unauthorized access with the ability for IT to securely wipe its contents if the device is lost or the user leaves the organization. The container can be further protected using a PIN unique to the device. 

Geo- and IP-fencing capabilities further protect the contents by wiping the container when the device leaves a pre-defined geography or IP range. All this combined with AES-256 encryption of in-transit data provides unmatched end-to-end security.

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