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Lab Management

Provide automated provisioning for your development and test environments

As private cloud initiatives become more prevalent, one of the areas where IT organizations would benefit from private cloud functionalities is in their development and test environments. Those looking to provide self-service provisioning and management capabilities to internal teams and implement private cloud features will reduce administrative burden for IT, lower infrastructure management costs while empowering project teams to deliver applications more quickly and with increased agility.

Introducing Embotics V-Commander

Embotics V-Commander provisions complex development and test environments in seconds, rather than days and simplifies lab administration in a multi-user environment by providing customizable role based access to shared resource pools.

Embotics V-Commander Lab Management Features:

  • Self Service Portal - Provide on-demand access to templates published in a service catalog
  • Rapid Provisioning - Create, deploy and capture various system configurations in seconds
  • Configuration Management - Deploy, capture and share any system configuration so teams can test software releases on a broader range of system configurations and capture, reproduce and resolve defects more easily
  • Web-based - Users control and interact with virtual machines via web browser from anywhere on the corporate network
  • Waste Reclamation - Eliminate VM sprawl by reclaiming space from expired or dormant virtual machines
  • Single Pane of Glass - One view for users to access, create and control system configurations
  • Roles based access - Provide granular access controls to restrict and limit administrative functions
  • Reporting - Ad-hoc reporting and visibility on resource utilization, VM configurations and performance

Embotics V-Commander Lab Management Benefits:

  • Rapidly set up multiple test and development environments
  • Provision any environment with a single click of the mouse
  • Reduce test lab capital and operating costs
  • Increase quality of service for lab users
  • Optimize Application Development and Testing



Embotics V-Commander delivers a wide range of lab management capabilities include the ability to deliver self-service management and provisioning portals to end users in a safe, secure, and automated fashion - all available through a web based, easy to use UI?

One Embotics customer saved approxiamtely 1 hour per VM provisioned by offloading the request and approval process to the engineering and QA team.  This saved them $50 dollars per VM provisioned, and around $10 dollars per VM decommissioned.  They were also able to define /implement forms that specified what resources could be requested by what users (this saved approximately 20% of resources due to cost avoidence of overprovisioned assets)due to cost avoidence of overprovisioned assets)


Service Portal

Deliver self-service capabilities to key stakeholders


Delegated Capabilities

Empower users based on their role


Service Catalog

Offer single and multi-tier services

Rapid Provisioning

Customize automation workflows to speed service delivery



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