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Installed and operational in 30 minutes

Infinio can be installed and operational in under 30 minutes with no reboots or downtime, and no disruption to your storage, your applications, or your virtual desktops. Installation collects your vCenter credentials, then with just a few clicks, you're ready to start accelerating performance.

Once running, Infinio makes it easy to track progress with “at-a-glance” statistics that show Infinio’s impact on the entire environment, with a single-click access to more detailed statistics on the performance of each datastore and virtual machine. Infinio’s interface is intuitive, requiring no special skills or training to get the information you need about storage performance.

How Infinio Works

Single click operations

All operational and reporting operations take place within Infinio’s UI.  With a single click you can turn acceleration on or off for each datastore in your environment with no reboots and no disruption. When you accelerate a datastore, Infinio automatically deploys the appropriate components to relevant hosts. Advanced reporting lets you see aggregate performance improvements, as well as drill down to the datastore-level and VM-level for more granular performance analysis. Other common tasks such as increasing the cache size can also be initiated with a single click. 

Transparent to data center operations

With Infinio, there are no changes to your existing storage environment. All the value in your storage array keeps working for you as it always has. Your datastore configuration, snapshot and replication setup, backup scripts, capacity reporting, and integration with VMware features like VAAI and vMotion all stay the same. Even during operations like putting a host into Maintenance Mode, performing a vMotion, or applying a patch, everything will continue to work without any changes to how you’re used to running things. With a single click, even the removal of Infinio is non-disruptive. 


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