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Do you have an Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 or 5.5 Database (EDB) that will not mount due to missing logs, damage or corruption?

DigiScope performs in-depth EDB Repair actions to check and correct log rollup issues, remove errors, corruption and damaged pages in order to repair the Exchange Database and make it mountable via DigiScope for Exchange Data Recovery. Just follow the three (3) simple steps as outlined below;

Exchange Database EDB Repair

  • Step 1 - Add The Offline Exchange Database(s) -
    Utilize the Source File Wizard to add Offline Exchange Database (EDB, LOG & STM) files.
    Point directly to the Exchange EDB Database files or select one of the supported third party storage platforms. Make your selection and DigiScope extracts the required files and adds the Exchange Information Store / Database to the offline source management pane.

  • Step 2 - Request EDB Repair - Right click the dismounted Exchange Database and Select Repair EDB.

  • Step 2.1 - Repairing the EDB - The Exchange Information Store / Database EDB Repair Process Begins:
  • Exchange Database Repair EDB Header Check.
  • Log Recovery If Required (Soft or Hard).
  • In-depth Detailed Exchange Repair .EDB Process.

  • Step 3 - Mount the Exchange EDB Database -
    Post EDB Repair the Database is available to Browse, View, Search, Recover or Export Mailboxes, Folders, Emails, Appointments, Tasks and other Messaging Items.

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