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Chargeback and IT Costing

Cost-effectively Manage Virtual Infrastructure (VI) Growth

As virtual environments grow, organizations can support chargeback and other IT costing initiatives by monitoring virtual assets, the resources they use over time and the costs they incur. Even organizations that do not have a formal chargeback program still need to understand the relationship between increased demand, capacity and costs.

Introducing Embotics Chargeback and IT Costing

Embotics V-Commander continuously tracks and reports on the costs of all virtual assets, allowing business and application owners to increase awareness, understanding and accountability of actual costs required to support the business.

Embotics V-Commander Chargeback and IT Costing Features:

  • Assign and track virtual asset costs in real time
  • Report on VI costs, capacity and growth trends
  • Identify the most expensive VMs
  • Calculate costs for storage tiers and operating systems

Embotics V-Commander Chargeback and IT Costing Benefits:

  • Build business-level cost justification for your virtual infrastructure
  • Create cost transparency (i.e. "showback") to demonstrate to end users that VMs are not free
  • Get a clear understanding of what drives their IT costs, so you can manage thir demand for IT resources and prioritize new projects accordingly

View the Embotics V-Commander Chargeback and IT Costing video




Easy to Understand Cost Summary Dashboard



Change End User Behavior with Cost Showback & Chargeback





Embotics V-Commander can identify which Virtual Machines cost the most amount of money?
V-Commander provides detailed report on VM configuration including costs associated with CPU, memory, OS, support, and custom cost attributes.

This can save customers at least $10,000 a year based on unintentially overprovisioned VMs.

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