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Respond to Operational Demands While Ensuring Virtual Machines (VMs) Operate and Perform Optimally

Managing capacity in virtualized and private cloud infrastructures is a significant challenge for most IT organizations. Virtual sprawl, overprovisioning, dormant VMs, orphaned images, and a dynamically changing environment can yield capacity shortages, performance issues, unhappy users, and excessive costs.

Introducing the Embotics Capacity and Performance Analysis

Featuring real-time infrastructure performance and availability monitoring, V-Commander delivers an accurate view of the performance and configuration of the virtual infrastructure (VI) across virtual machines and hosts.

Embotics V-Commander Capacity and Performance Analysis Features:

  • Identify constraining resources that cause bottlenecks
  • Identify rogue assets that bypassed internal processes and configuration standards
  • Track OS, application and resource changes that could impact performance
  • Auto-discover and recover overprovisioned, dormant and orphaned resources
  • Identify clusters and stand-alone hosts that are resource constrained
  • View/filter/search peak memory and CPU
  • Rightsizing reports include summary, storage, memory and CPU, while idle VM reports show Low CPU, Disk I/O and Network I/O

Embotics V-Commander Capacity and Performance Analysis Benefits:

  • Trending analysis helps to predict shortages, plan future needs, and justify new capacity purchases
  • Optimize resources through rightsizing projects
  • Reclaim waste through discovery of overprovisioned assets

View the Embotics V-Commander Capacity Management video

View the Embotics V-Commander VM Lifecycle Management video


Example Report Screen Shots

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning Insight

Waste Identification

Optimize Resource Usage and Identify Waste


Growth Trends

Day One Value Showing VM and Resource Growth Trends


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