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Unicef Jul 2018

Creating tape friendly backups in Unitrends Virtual Backup (UVB) 

Today we are going to use Unitrends Virtual Backup to create backup data suitable for exporting out to tape for long time external storage.
In UVB8 you can choose between 2 different types of backups when you create the job (Virtual Full and Full/Incremental). In order to get the tape friendly backup format you need to use Full/Incremental.

Read More about backup types


1. Access your admin console

2. Click on Jobs 

3. Click Create Job - Backup 

4. Choose your Virtual Machines to backup

5. Then you will get this picture where you select Full/Incremental


The difference are that Virtual Full is using hard links as a mean to achieve de-duplication on block level and this is something tape software can´t handle very well. The backups from a Full/Incremental is stored as a few large files instead of a myriad of blocks so it is doable to export them out to tape.

The location of the Full/Incremental backup is on the same Backup Data Store as Virtual Full backups but they are using its own top catalogue named inc-backups

This is the catalogue that the tape software needs to see so we need to make it available as a share.
That must be done in different ways depending on what type of BDS we are using.

Locally Attached Disk as Backup Data Store (BDS):

Depending on your type of BDS you enable this feature in different ways. You can read about all the options here



If we use Locally Attached Disks all the backup data is hidden inside the virtual disk so we need to enable raw data access to the BDS using this tic box.


Then there is a global setting under Configuration/Global/Advanced Settings where we can use to share this BDS as a .NFS or CIFS system.

If we use NFS or CIFS as BDS we already have a share so use that path towards the tape software.


Some other useful links regarding job and storage handling in UVB.

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