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Private Cloud Automation

Reduce Complexity, and Improve Efficiency with Easy to Use Automation

  • Enable Self-Service: Allow users to request standardized IT services, monitor their own environments in real time and where allowed to stop and restart their own services while maintaining governance and control.
  • Automate VM Lifecycle: Eliminate manual processing and lead times, eliminate sprawl and improve standardization.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency: Wizard-based workflows (no scripting or coding) automates routine management tasks, allowing administrators to optimize the environment more efficiently.
  • Improve Consistency: Real-time monitoring and policy driven governance ensures that corporate policies and standards are rigorously maintained.
  • Increase Cost Visibility: Track and report on service cost automatically providing real time visibility and paving the way towards IT as a Service.



Embotics V-Commander completely automates service management (request for service) right through the deployment and retirement of assets across data centers?
V-Commander automates the requesting of VMs/IT services and the deployment of those VMs/IT services in a predictable, scalable, and secure way.

One Embotics customer saved between $50 and $100 dollars per VM requested and around $25-$50 per VM on decommissiong by using V-Commander to automate those processes.


Service Catalog

Service Catalog Ensures Consistency

Increase Cost Visibility

Track and report on service costs to provide real time visibility

Request Management

Request Management Reporting for Improved Efficiency

Web-based Workflows

Email and Web Based Workflow Automation

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