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Unicef Jul 2018

Altaro Virtual Machine Backup for Hyper-V

Designed to take awat the complexities of backing up Hyper-V

Back up Hyper-V VMs easily and reliably

With all the complexities involved with a virtual Hyper-V environment, it can be tricky to set up a solid backup strategy. Altaro VM Backup makes it easy to get reliable backups in place for Hyper-V. Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer ensures that live VM backups are taken with zero downtime.

  • Backups just got faster with increased concurrent backups per hypervisor. More VMs can be backed simultaneously, drastically reducing backup time and resulting in more efficient backup operations.

  • Take your first Hyper-V VM backup in under 15 minutes

  • Manage and access backup jobs for all your Hyper-V hosts through a single management console

  • Replicate backups to an offsite location (or through drive swapping) easily and reliably

  • Verify your Hyper-V backups data with automated data verification, for peace of mind

  • Compatible with all Guest OS supported by Hyper-V including Linux VMs

  • Backs up all applications compatible with Hyper-V VSS Writer such as Exchange Server and SQL

Cloud Backup to Azure - Backup to an Azure Block Blob storage account, the most cost-effective Azure storage option.


Performance when you need it most

With Augmented Inline Deduplication you’ll experience the best storage savings in the industry. Altaro has got the best deduplication technology where on average customers save 63% in backup storage! Also resulting in much faster backups as there is less data to transfer.

Being able to back up VMs quickly and reliably is important, but being able to restore and recover even more so. Altaro VM Backup gives you the power and granularity you need to get your Hyper-V environment back online, FAST.

  • Altaro VM Backup creates the smallest Hyper-V backups in the industry enhanced with our Augmented Inline Duplication technology
  • Our inline deduplication runs for every VM backup job without the use of post-processing and doesn’t tax on server performance
  • Variable Block Size provides the best efficiency for deduplication
  • Optimized OnePass ™ restores for FAST recovery of VMs
  • Instantly boot a VM from backup
  • Instantly restore individual files and Exchange emails directly from a VM backup
  • Restore VMs to a different Hyper-V host, restore an older version or restore a clone
  • Supports Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)


Why choose Altaro Backup as your Hyper-V Backup solution?

  • Easy to set up and configure - We understand Hyper-V inside out, so you don’t have to.
  • Backs up Hyper-V clusters in larger environments with ease
  • Designed to take away the complexities of Hyper-V while giving you full control over your VM backups
  • Leverages Microsoft’s VSS Writer to take consistent backups of live VMs with zero downtime
  • Fast recovery from failures, easy and quick access to individual files and Exchange emails from your VM backups
  • Automated, scheduled backup verification for peace of mind
  • Back up your VM snapshots as well, when available Supports Microsoft Hyper-V Server (Core)
  • Praise winning, professional and effective Support
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