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8MAN Features


Clear presentation    /  / 

Experience the structure of your Active Directory from a completely different perspective. 8MAN shows you how your groups are assembled and which users belong to which groups – all presented in a clear overview format..


Logbook  / 

We believe in security, which is why all actions of 8MAN users are logged. Every change, whether initiated by administrators, data owners or normal users si tracked and documented.


Who has access to what?  /  / 

With 8MAN you get full transparency and an overview of all group and user structures and their access rights. With one click you have access to all of the information.


Analysis of weaknesses  /  / 

With 8MAN it is easy to find errors and incorrect configurations, thereby exposing security weaknesses in your company. 8Man will highlight recurring and circular access rights structures, allowing you to eliminate unnecessary assignments and challenges to your security quickly and easily.


Understand group structures  /  / 

Analyze the composition of your groups with 8MAN and which users are part of which groups. No matter how embedded and complex the assignment, the graphical tools and intuitive interface allows you to view these details in flat lists, diagrams and flow charts in a clear and concise way.


Where can "EVERYONE" access? 
 /  / 

Ensure that not everyone in your organization is authorized to access everything. This is especially dangerous in organizations that allow their employees and contractors remote access. With 8MAN you can see access this information with the click of a button, recognize any security weak points and rectify them immediately.


Temporary Rights Assignments  / 

Steer clear of extra costs due to the subsequent removal of privileges. With 8MAN you can set an expiration date for permissions and group memberships with just a few clicks, avoiding any unnecessary permissions.


Rights-assignment via drag & drop  / 

All actions of the 8MAN mini are based on intelligent workflows with intuitive tools such as drag and drop. The use of such tools is a key in minimizing errors and allowing you quick and efficient management of your accesss rights.


See all important information on one screen  /  

Our Dashboard shows you all important key data of your access rights assignments. It will show loops and recurring rights, nesting structures, number of users, number of directories etc. and can be configured to match your requirements and preferences.


Reports in Seconds  /  / 

Do you need to provide an overview of your access-rights situation? Do you want to allow data owners and department managers the ability to control access to their data? Is there an auditor that needs quick access to relevant information? With 8MAN you can configure reports providing the required information within seconds.


Scheduled Reports 

Don’t miss any changes inn rights-assignments. With our scheduled reports feature you can easily chose your reporting intervals and put in place a process where you periodically review your access rights situations. These reports can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or at any given interview and can then be automatically emailed in either CSV or XPS format to data owners, security officers or external auditors.



With the 8MAN data owner it is now possible to hand over the process of access rights management to the heads of individual departments. Department managers know which workflows and processes are relevant for their employees and can decide themselves over which access rights to assign.



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