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8MAN Benefits 

Below are the benefits of using 8MAN.


Access Rights Management

The management of Data Access Rights is one of the most important jobs of your IT department. Unfortunately though, the tools available on the market today are not even close to providing the required transparency and overview of this business critical process. In most cases the tools are cumbersome and very technical and therefore offer few opportunities to standardise and streamline the Access Rights Management Process.

IT departments everywhere are also facing a constant increase in the complexity and number of systems to manage. Despite this, there is a permanent call for rationalisation, streamlining and ultimately cost cutting. 

Additionally, there is a constant increase of data: diverse content in different formats in all kinds of storage facilities with different access rights. In all companies there is a continuous generation of data that is stored in different systems and shared internally and externally, usually with very little management of this process.

For a large number of companies, the controlled access to its business critical data is vital. Confidential documents concerning financial information, company secrets, research and development and other sensitive data abound and must be managed effectively. The legal and regulatory requirements for its protection are also constantly increasing.


For Executives

One of the most elementary aims of business administration is the lowering of costs, while simultaneously improving the quality of internal workflows. One way this can be achieved is through the standardization and streamlining of internal processes. The Administration of Data Access Rights and management of your company’s proprietary data is one area where such streamlining can provide time and cost savings, all well as enhanced security and compliance for your organisation. This is where 8MAN comes in.


8Man lowers costs by::

  • Significantly speeding up processes
  • Reducing exceptions and special circumstances
  • Eliminating errors 

Other positive effects:

  • Improved security
  • Enhanced legal and regulatory compliance
  • Documentation of history, logging


Take Advantage of the potential 8Man offers:


In order to highlight the benefit your organisation will be able to realise by using 8MAN, we have partnered with one of our current clients to provide an ROI calculation. This company, with 1500 employees was able to generate significant cost-savings. In this example we have based the calculation on an average wage of 40€ p/h.



Process Actions Actions Actions

Estimated Time per

/ Process

per week

per year

per 5 years

w/o. 8MAN

w. 8MAN


Rights Assignment




20 min

3 min

15 %

Rights Removal




35 min

6 min

17 %

Adding new directory




25 min

6 min

24 %

Providing Information




180 min

15 min

8 %





1473 hours

195 hours.


Equates to

184 days

24 days



Over 1 year

Over 5 year period



w/o. 8MAN

w. 8MAN

w/o. 8MAN

w. 8MAN


Initial costs




94.000,00 €


Running costs


9.900,00 €


39.900,00 €








Access Rights Management

58.933,33 €

7.800,00 €

294.666,67 €

39.000,00 €








58.933,33 €

36.500,00 €

294.666,67 €

172.900,00 €





If you are interested in running such an analysis for your organisation we will gladly provide your company with our ROI calculator.

contact us!



For Administrators 

The growing complexity of IT systems is a constant challenge for any company, especially for IT administrators. In addition, budget cuts are becoming more frequent, which leads to a situation in which many very important tasks are neglected. One area with tons of optimization potential is the area of Data Access Rights Management wehich has suffered from a dearth of appropriate tools and processes.
Transparent Active Directory 
Problem: One of the best ways to manage your IT environment is the use of groups within the Active Directory framework. This makes it very important to understand how these groups are setup and structured and to be able to recognise effective membership of these groups including issues related to nesting and circulatory referencing. Currently available Microsoft tools do not allow you to make a direct connection between subjects (employees) and resources (access rights), making effective management of this process exceedingly difficult.
Solution: 8MAN provides a clear overview of the Active Directory in an intuitive way that makes it easy to understand who has access to what data. 8MAN gives you a variety of graphical tools giving you an overview of which Users belong to which groups and which rights each individual has in accessing the relevant directories.
Close security gaps
Problem: Trainees, Apprentices, temporary employees and contractors have been assigned rights, which are often not revoked when an employee has moved to another department or terminated their employment.
Solution: With 8MAN you avoid unnecessary rights assignment by limiting the time period for which certain employees (contractors, temps and trainees) can have access to a given directory. Warnings and easy to run reports round-off the ability to quickly find gaps in security and minimize the risk of errors during the rights assignment process.
Simplified Access Rights Management
Problem: In most cases the process for assigning user access rights is extremely cumbersome and very technical.Hence, few opportunites for process standardization and improvement exist.
Solution: 8MAN simplifies your Access Rights Management process. The management is aided by the use of „wizards“, which focus on the technical aspects. You can concentrate on the requirements and 8MAN does the rest. This can accelerate your process by up to 80%. In addition, it is possible to allow the Data Owners and Department Managers to assign and manage the access rights to their data independently, freeing you up for other responsibilities. Access Rights Management with 8MAN is according to Microsoft’s best practice recommendation.
Detailed Documentation
Problem: Your Manager or Auditor wants to know who has access to a given directory. Finding answers to this question is often more difficult than assumed. Fact is that a few new hires, changes of department or folder structure can be enough to cloud this picture. Often the research required to get all of the relevant answers can take hours or even days.
Solution: 8MAN logs all actions. Allowing you to document who has access to what, when it was assigned and by whom. Every change in the system requires a comment, thus making it much easier to track the reasons for any given change. Reports and Analyses of the current access rights situation can be completed in seconds, allowing better transparency both internally, as well as for auditing and compliance procedures 
Simple Integration
8MAN is easy to integrate and is much quicker than existing Identity Management solutions. Installation can be completed by the client directly without the need for lengthy implementation projects and costly consulting efforts. If you do require any help, our protected-networks support team is happy to be of assistance.

For Auditors 

Today, every company’s data footprint is constantly increasing and managing this data becomes ever more difficult, yet also increasingly important. Structuring the directories in a meaningful way and being able to continuously monitor the growth and changes within your company can easily turn into a full-time job. In addition, stricter legal requirements and necessity to comply with various auditing and compliance standards has placed the onus firmly on each company to keep their house in order. Being able to determine who in your organisation can access what data is absolutely crucial in today’s regulatory environment.

Due to these conditions, auditors require the necessary tools and information, if they are to make a meaningful impact on your organisation. Without the ability to determine both the historical growth and the current access rights situation it is virtually impossible to find weaknesses in security which can have very costly effects. 


With 8MAN you get a solution that is built to withstand the steadily increasing requirements of auditing and tracking.8MAN guarantees the documentation of rights-assignments and standardises processes, thus minimizing the chance for errors and significantly improving transparency within any organisation.


8MAN is able to analyze even the most complex IT-structures with the click of a button and will allow your company to do away with excel or other tools in favor of a completely integrated and visually intuitive solution. 


Our customers have chosen 8MAN to ensure compliance and transparency, as well as reconciling the need for knowledge and information with a cost-effective approach to data access rights management. What has been valued above all by Auditors using our solution is the ease with which access rights can be modified and rights assignments verified, thereby leading to a severe reduction in operational and financial risk.


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